Private Wine Tastings

Glassware lined up before the tasting and party.

Tasting is Fun!

Tasting wine doesn't have to be boring and stuffy.  If you enjoy the people you are with and in comfortable surroundings, you are going to have a better time, and learn more.  That's why we prefer to conduct our tastings in homes.

Guests eagerly awaiting the next selection.

Learning is Fun!

Every tasting is different.  Each is custom tailored to your group's preferences regarding what they like, what they want to explore and what will be the most enjoyable and memorable. 

The perfect pour

Several packages

There are several packages to pick from. 

A good starting guide would be:

  • 10-12 people minimum
  • 5 wine selections
  • 2 hours wine time, maybe more

Please contact us to find out more information.